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Cory and his wife Jacey have always had a knack for turning the old into the new.

Jacey, Cory's wife, has a delicate eye for design, quality, and exquisite finishes. She can often be spotted inside numerous show rooms around town assisting their clients with material and finish selections. She is the backbone of the company in terms of financial responsibility, design, and customer service.

Cory has been on construction projects as early as he can remember. He recalls performing demolition tasks and working in the wood shop as early as nine-years old. It was these early transformative years that birthed an enormous passion for building. He excelled in high school wood shop and went on to Texas A & M University at Commerce to get his degree in Construction Science. While in college, he was lucky enough to work alongside a luxury home builder in the Dallas area. During those years, he honed his skills as an assistant to the builder and a finish carpenter. He learned how all of the systems of a home worked in unison with one another and it was there that he developed the desire to build better. It seemed that all homes aside from the different levels of finishes were essentially built the same way. Often modern advancements in building science were not being explored.

Today Cory and Jacey work together to build quality homes and remodel projects with meticulous attention to detail and the industry's latest advancements in building science at the core of their projects. Because of this, and the implementation of cleanliness, open communication, and the strong desire to provide an excellent client experience, their clients often become lifelong friends. If you are in the market for building a new home, sprucing up your old home, building a barndominium, shop, or airplane hanger, give Wolfcreek Builders a call at 806-202-2779.

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