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Look into ICF construction in Amarillo, TX

An exciting part of building your dream home is the design process. Traditional home construction methods are somewhat outdated and often very inefficient. In Amarillo and the surrounding areas, all homes are essentially built the same way. With 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 dimensional lumber, plywood sheeting and spray foam insulation to complete the exterior building envelope. There is a much better way to build a home than this. Consider building with Insulated Concrete forms. This type of construction is far superior to the traditional methods contractors are using in the Texas Panhandle. The benefits of building with ICF are:

  • Your home, barndominium, shop, or airplane hanger will be as if you live, work, and relax in a concrete encased Yeti cooler.

  • These structures are super energy efficient, as well as storm, fire, and insect resistant.

  • The air tightness of these structures provide allergen resistance and superior air and sound quality.

  • Plain and simple, it's just a better way of building!

    Interested in Building a Barndominium?

    Not sure a traditional home matches your style?

    Using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to build a barndominim is better suited for Amarillo's climate and landscape than the homes that many builders are constructing today. Currently, they are essentially built twice. First, the metal structure is installed, then the interior walls are framed up. This not only creates problems with windows, leaking, and insulation, but it is also an extreme waste of time and money. Consider letting us build your barndominium using insulated concrete forms.

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    Interested in building a shop or airplane hanger?

    Once a structure built with insulated concrete forms becomes heated or cooled to its intended temperature, it stays at that temperature with minimal HVAC input. This is true because of double EPS foam insulation, the thermal mass of the concrete, and the effort we put into insulating the roof structure. These types of structures are also naturally air tight. This is a crucial benefit if you need to store and maintain valuable cars, equipment, or airplanes. If you want to protect your valuables, consider using Wolfcreek to build your high-performance structure.

    Design a Home That Meets All of Your Needs

    When building with Wolfcreek, high-end finishes are the standard, and knowing that the structure is better than the home next door will bring you extreme peace of mind.

    If you're ready to start building your forever home, turn to the pros at Wolfcreek Builders/Remodelers, LLC. We can design a custom home that meets all of your needs.

    Instead of building a cookie cutter home, consider using modern building science and cutting edge building materials to construct the home of your dreams! Our expert home construction contractors prefer using high-efficiency materials, and we'll make sure your build is both beautiful and energy efficient. Explore your design options for building an ICF home by meeting with our home construction contractor today.

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